jueves, 21 de marzo de 2019


Resultado de imagen para autumn

When it's cold I have a cold
When I sleep,I see the leaves
The sweaters are red
And the leaves orange
The summer finishes and it starts raining
The wind brings some allergies 
And they leave when the spring came
There aren't any flowers
I miss the sun and the colourful trees.
    Karamanian Julieta
    Esersky Irina
   Curti, Fabrizio

♥When the Autumn comes
   We have a cold

♥There are colourful leaves
   On the floor

♥Because of the wind
   We are ill

♥There aren't  leaves
  On the trees

♥Orange and red
   Autumn represents

  Lola Fernández
  Marissa Azabache
  Sofia Prada
  Aldana Terrazas